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Was GG Allin a modern day Diogenes?
June 14, 2010, 8:00 pm
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The truth is I really don’t know. What I do know is Diogenes of Sinope was an interesting person. As a tribute to him I plan to make barrel this summer. I will use it as a refuge from the world. In the mean time here are some videos of GG Allin walking around New York on the day he died….


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This is an old article, but

I have often wondered the similarities of this myself.
While GG seemed to live out many of the principles that Diogenes preached, unlike Diogenes, his guiding principle was that of mental issues. His Freudian conditioning led him to act out traits that could be compared to a warped version of Epicurean hedonism, nihilism, anarchy and of course the eccentricities of Diogenes. This is a great topic to consider and a post here won’t do it justice.

Diogenes on the other hand obviously was fanatical in his approach to challenge the status quo and used his mental afflictions (with an intelligence that obviously far surpassed Jesus Christ Allin) in an attempt to force the masses to question their dogmatic interpretations of Aristotle’s first question ‘how should we live ?’ and social structures. He lived in utter poverty, he commonly insulted passers-by and masturbated in public. He commonly outwitted Plato for his own amusement. He mocked Alexander the Great in public. He spent years as a slave and did not care. This is far from GG’s antics, but GG will always be a legend.

G.G. was on a path of self loathing and destruction fueled by drug abuse, megalomania, sadism/masochism and was an obvious sociopath. He had no desire or redeeming aspirations to engage in any attempt to plant a tree that he would never sit under like that of Diogenes. He was never in control of himself, he had no redeeming logic to offer anyone.
I am still a fan and own all his DVDs and have posted his discography of works (close to 3 gigs as torrents). I find it very odd that in the interviews his mother spoke him and Merle as if they were pillars of the community.
Despite all this, he was and will always remain a legend.

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Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you appreciated the post. Discourse is what we want on here.

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