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Until the light takes us..
March 30, 2010, 7:34 pm
Filed under: Film, Music

On the weekend, late on Saturday night I found myself in an arts cinema full of Dalstonite hipsters and metal heads at midnight getting settled to watched this film called, ‘until the light takes us’. The following sentences are my mussings on what I thought about the film. So for those who don’t know this is a documentary about the Norweigan black metal scene. It mainly focused on two musicians, Fenriz of Darkthrone and Varg from Burzum. There was also appearances from other well known musicians from the scene. The focus on these two characters from the outset seems obvious because they are both polar opposites. Fenriz was very much about the music and pushing the sound of the genre whilst although Varg with Burzum did some amazing music at first but was also very much into the creating and pushing an ideology in the scene although would it not become integral in mainstream black metal create the national socialist off shoot NSBM. The documentary itself mainly focuses on the conversation between these two musicians and the documentary makers. Alot of it seems to focus on what was going on in the early 90’s and how the scene evolved and exploded on the world. Then there was also sub catagories regarding why they recorded their music in such a crude manner and where it was actually derived from musically. What’s also interesting is a visual artist is interviewed to bring an open minded outsider’s view to black metal. The artist in question seemed a bit infatuated with Frost of Satyricon. Other than that it was a beautifully shot documentary and also managed to deal with akward moments in the interview situations rather well. I also liked that the people featured came across as genuinely intelligent people although some held skewed world views notably Varg and wasn’t just a sensationalist documentary. So if you want to watch a very indepth and sometimes funny documentary I highly recommend you all seek this out, especially whilst it’s still on tour in the Uk and the world.



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