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Adverts that would make Saatchi weep……
December 3, 2009, 3:20 pm
Filed under: Random crap, Skating

The other day I was on-line checking out some rolling related web-sites when it suddenly occurred to me how dull and banal most rollerblading related adverts are. I try not to romanticise about the past too much but I’ve picked out some of my favorite adds from past times…..

This first one is from the short lived shoe/liner company Reign. Josh Petty makes it clear that if you listen to Sum 41 whilst he’s around, he’ll tie you up and set fire to your shoes whilst Joe Navran captures the shenanigans. This could have been made more gritty if they used a camera phone to give it that “happy slap” feel. I must also point out their amazing team,check out the line up – Wysong, Jaggers, need I say more? 7/10

The next is from the wheel company that told us to kill girls. I fail to see why a black Jesus should cause any offense, but I doubt Senate are that politicly minded, Im sure in America this would be more controversial. It’s completely pointless, there are no product pictures or portraits of team members, it’s pure genius, a timeless classic. I love it because it’s the kind of thing anyone could laugh at regardless of them being a skater. This one gets 8/10 UNNNNHHHH!

Finally we have this cult classic from Medium. Knifey couldn’t be more inappropriate, yet so lovable. This one definitely would have a big appeal in the UK where knife crime is very trendy, Medium were clearly ahead of their time. I don’t think this would have created as big a deal as the “black jesus” add but knifey cute smile bumps this one up to a 10/10.



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