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November 30, 2009, 4:23 pm
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In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I took up my good friend Fergus invitation to a gig. The gig in question was at the “Grosvenor” pub in the deepest darkest depths of Stockwell. The headline band was Sex Vid, who are a punk band from America currently on a European tour. If skaters think they got it bad on tour they should chat to these guys!
To summaries, it was a good gig, the sets where short which I thought was good. The atmosphere was aggressive, yet friendly. I think the music focus’s and distributes the crowds tensions well. Anyone looking to let off some steam but doesn’t want to go to the gym or kill someone should check out one of these punk gigs. The scene, in it’s structure resembles that of our skating one, it’s close knit, the people are dedicated, it’s mostly DIY, and people looking at it from the outside generally think it’s shit. Most importantly what I think we share with this punk scene as is the case with most scenes is that we think what we do is the shit. It’s that belief that keeps things going and I was suitably impressed with the dedication of the bands, the crowd and the promoters.

all pictures by Joseph Salmassian.


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i have been going to gigs like this recently too. hardcore though mainly. apart from alakaline trio (who were awesome)

Comment by Millie

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