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Street fest…….
October 6, 2009, 11:13 pm
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Street fest took place last Saturday. The event was a bit of sham, the kind of thing 15 year old girls like. It was nice to see rollerblading included and the premier of “Let it never end“. I only went to see the film, but was disappointed to find that instead of having two showings it was being shown in two parts. What I did see was brilliant and certainly worth the hype. “Street fest is a new breed of festival where the onus is on promoting and merging creative talents” This was the catch line on the flyer, but to be honest I wouldn’t agree. What was good though, was seeing all the other skaters coming out for the event. Also what made it good was the hype. Me and my mates where so excited about the video premier that we decided to have our own “real street fest” before hand to get in the spirit of things. We started off with a little session at Mile End Skate park. This was followed by a little session at Queen Mary’s, for once we didn’t get kicked out! After that the real fun started and this where it gets a little messy. We decided to get a train to Bethnal Green and walk to the event from their with a few drinks. We thought some street drinking would be a good idea. It was. We decided to drink Strongbow Noir.
After that as you can imagine we all got a little tipsy. I can remember chatting a load of shit, buying a 20 deck of stolen menthol cigarettes for £3.50 of a scouser, and not much else. To summaries , the video was really good, the event was bogus, rollerblading seemed to have a massive presence there which was good. To conclude, mine and my friends “street fest” was probably more authentic. SB NOIR CREW 4 LIFE.


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