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The ICEMAN……..
October 1, 2009, 10:09 am
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Sometime ago I saw a post on the popular, free thinking, American left-field, cultural Rollerblading forum, “Stab yourself in the face” about the ICEMAN. The main reason I took particular interest in this was because I’d actually just finished reading the book, “The Iceman, confessions of a mafia hitman”. I had planed to review it for my conservative, contrived, just right of the centre of nowhere, British inferior made in China blog. Here it is for you.


I remember this one time I was coming out of a club in Camden and there was this tramp outside with all his gear. He was setting up for the night, probably getting ready to do some begging. Anyway, he got out a blanket and laid
out a load of books on them that where for sale, I thought this was amazing! I love books and have never bought one off a tramp before, especially at three in morning in Camden. I browsed his selection and settled for a book about Leonardo Da vinci. It was a really good book with all his drawings in and a time line of his life which was really insightful. I learnt that he got done for sodomy when was sixteen or something. To add to this it turned out that all the books were nicked from some library, as they still had all the details on the inside. I gave the guy £1 and was on my way. Now how this relates to the review I’ll tell you. I was out an about (I think Elephant and Castle, if that makes it anymore interesting?) when another begging tramp resorted to offering me a book. You might be wondering why I have these encounters with tramps and other undesirables, I can only answer that with a quote from Werner Herzog, “The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot”.



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