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Going into print soon…..hopefully
September 24, 2009, 7:39 pm
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I haven’t put up many new posts recently. Thats been mainly due to the fact I haven’t had the internet for the past month. In that time I have slowly been taking steps towards making a small magazine out of the stuff I post on this mighty fine blog. I really don’t want to disappoint the 13 or so people who read this, so I promise that the magazine will be bloody amazing! You’ll want to read it every time you’re on the toilet. In fact you’ll want two copies, one to put on your bedroom wall and one to keep in the bathroom. I used to love getting a brand new copy of Daily Bread or borrowing my friends copy (thanks Fint and Dom) and reading it on the bog cover to cover. Unity magazine never enthralled me in the same way. Sadly as I got older Daily Bread got thinner and eventually withered away and for some time there was a void in my life. You see, I think Daily Bread ignited a love for magazines in me. This void was temporarily filled by Vice and Lodown. I guess this was a reflection of my changing interests. For a while Daily Bread offered something no other skate magazine could or did. It was unrivaled. Having said that Rejects did a damn good job, but they went down the pan too. In darker times I even bought Dazed and Confused. As a fourteen year old boy , watching skate videos and reading Daily Bread, I really felt I was being exposed to some great underground cultural stuff that the average douche wouldn’t find in NME. It was through my local skate shop that I first read Lodown and picked up the first UK Vice magazine. That was all a long time ago and it only seems that now that rollerblading or “free style rolling” is catching up style wise to the main stream. Hip -hop culture was a massive influence, and I can see now obviously it was huge in America and I guess all that 90’s left-field boom really left it’s mark. But being from England it always felt slightly odd trying to embrace hip-hop, but through the power of skate videos I was given an amazing rap education that has stuck like some dodgy religious indoctrination. Perhaps now all this style blading, skinny jeans trend is more accessible? Like with a lot of trends in skating I don’t think many people really know where it all comes from. I don’t think I even know, I don’t think I even really care. What I do care about is the quality of skate magazines that are being published. One is good, in fact it’s excellent. I think everyone knows that. Expect wigwam to be amazing, but don’t expect a conventional skate publication. It will be a “high end” zine with no remorse. If you would like to contribute to it please get in contact. Below I have included a few pictures of my favorite writers for inspiration. If you e-mail me their names i’ll send you some sort of prize – a t-shirt. Don’t all rush at once children. I normally prefer to punish ignorance instead of rewarding knowledge but tonight Im feeling gay.



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douche. if you run one’s cursor over the photos it tells you their names…

Comment by queenie

Well then, you had better get their names right Queenie.

Comment by wigwamblog

Do you need cool, well rounded, impeccable illustrators for your new opus??

Comment by Millie

Millie, your input and help is always welcome on all of my over ambitious pipe dreams. However, this one is for real! I will contact you accordingly when everything starts to fall into place. If you have any writing that would be much appreciated.

Comment by wigwamblog

thats a really good point about the cultural inroads.
I also can’t wait to see how your magazine comes together!

Comment by kevin yee

Thanks Kevin. Also, I saw your knew edit and was thoroughly impressed, good work my friend.

Comment by wigwamblog

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