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Cummin Up…….
July 31, 2009, 8:49 pm
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The past week I’ve been working on some t-shirts with Anna Lincoln for jerk chicken restaurant chain “Cummin Up“. We designed and printed 150 t-shirts for them.





Moscow – Orange Juice…..
July 30, 2009, 9:10 pm
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In keeping with the communist theme I thought I’d post this cool instrumental by Scottish legends “Orange Juice”. Enjoy

STASI spy equipment…….
July 27, 2009, 10:30 am
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Here are some pictures of spy equipment used in East Germany by the STASI. It’s like something out of a James Bond film. The camera has been designed to take pictures through a 1mm hole. Below that is a fake bin, which would have a camera or recording equipment in it. I’d like the camera for the Christmas.



A little discussion about race…….
July 27, 2009, 12:53 am
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I read this and it made me chuckle.

Timmy Miles (Liverpool)

I don’t see where all this anti-BNP views are coming from. Just because we belive it is time to make Britain great agian doesn’t mean we are racist. It isn’t like we are the British KKK.
All the people who seem to be against what we belive in seem to be people who don’t see Britain as a powerful state.
We have had a empiour. Personally I belive we should have one again to show just how powerfully we are.
As for us not having the British tolerance look where that has left us. In the 1960’s we opened our borders to all from the commonwealth. This was the start of the decline to the country.

Pete Watson (Durham)

Your touchingly fumbled attempts at literacy aside, what coherent points are you trying to make? Britain is currently not a particularly powerful state, politically or economically. How are you suggesting we embark upon forming another empire? Are you condoning the countless atrocities committed under the British flag in expanding the commonwealth?I would like to see some valid facts confirming your theory that this country went into decline in the 1960s because of migrants. Do you have any idea how much we rely upon economic migrants to fuel our economy? If you want to be taken seriously then come up with some policies, and stop mumbling pathetically about Britain being ‘great’.

Pete Watson (Durham)

As an aside, have you studied your lineage? Chances are you’re of French or Scandinavian origin. A loose term admittedly, but the ‘true Brits’, if there ever were such a thing, were killed off a long time ago. Britain has a fascinatingly diverse background when it comes to genealogy. So on the basis that most British people are descended from migrants and invading forces, how many generations makes it okay?

Roy Jones

Pete Watson….check your friends list and look at how many white people you have as FB friends…….add some “ethnic minority” friends to your list of 249 “friends” and you may be able to raise a justified comment, until then…refrain !!! You are clearly a well educated (in English) individual hence you are clearly trying to out type and blind Timmy Ian Miles with unfounded one sided comments, but I question how long you have spent working and living with non Caucasian people…..let me guess “you have travelled”…..congrats !. I have worked with non Caucasians for Many years and so far can think of a handful of people who I would happily assist when on fire….the others use up my oxygen ! Get them back to their own countrys….if they are war torn assist them to get away from opression……! if they are from familys who have been here from generations welcome them, but the fact remains that there are three times more black guys in prison than there are in university….Explai

Timmy Miles (Liverpool)

well pete.

dont you see that by allowing migrants into the country we have coursed a unneccisery line of “racial” hatred.

we are a island and as such are speperated from main land europe and the rest of the world.

this is natural proof that we are only ment to be inhabited by people from this island. so if the migrants didn’t come over to britain and stayed in their country of origin their would be no need for the bnp.

as for wrongs done onder the union flag i can think of none. yes we have a barbaric past. and our efforts to expand the empiour did leed to further blood shed but i belive it was worth it.

as for how much our economy reliess on forgin work is awful. i hate to say it but the germans have a well set out system. they produce some of the best cars in the world at high prices. this fuels their economy well as it is german workers that build the cars. to a high quality. i think if we followed suit and trained out workers to be highly skilled at brought industrys

Timmy Miles (Liverpool)

(follow on from prievious message)

back to britain it would see our economy rise again.

National service. that is how we re-build our empiour. for example the swiss army can mobilise half a million troops in 48 hours. we our looky to be able to mobilise 200 thousand troops in 2 weeks. our armed forces our a disgrace to this country. we have men and women willing to lay down their lives for the good of the country. and those in the armed forces should be treated as heros. so if we brought back national service we would have armed forces that live up to there pristejus history.

Roy Jones

A compelling argument Timmy….have you ever seen South Park ?

I really want to hear what Pete the thinker makes af all this…….seems to be keeping quiet……pete, answer or i’ll just have to message you !!!!!!!

Pete Watson (Durham)


It’s lovely to know you’ve been checking up on me, but I fail entirely to see how the diversity of my friend list on Facebook has any influence on the importance of my opinion. I would not consider myself particularly well travelled, nor have I spent much of my life working with ‘non caucasian’ people. This does not invalidate my opinions.

You raised a very interesting point with your use of the term ‘non caucasian’, I assumed we were simply dealing with British citizens and non British citizens, possibly with people recently awarded citizenship. You seem to be arguing the case that non white people should be ‘got back to their own countrys (sic)’. What, may I ask, is your opinion on the large number of caucasian migrants?

You seem to infer that non white people are inherantly flawed. In reference to your fascinating prison/university statistic, I put forward the theory that this is a repercussion of an age of less tolerance… (Continued)
(not that this is an age of full tolerance). First generation migrants, a few years ago, were subject to suspicion, fear, anger and large amounts of discrimination. This obviously generated widespread feelings of animosity towards white British people, and the ensuing divide saw migrants lose out on better jobs and levels of acceptance in society. This animosity has been carried forward through nurture, not nature, and continuing discrimination. This did not magically turn people into criminals, but the poorer wages and lack of respect were great catalysts.

‘If they are from familys (sic) who have been here from (?) generations welcome them’, I assume by this you mean well established families. What do you think should have happened to these families when they first arrived? What makes them more eligible to stay now? I am glad to see you are not averse to granting asylum.
The culture of a country is a fluid and ever changing thing. Fear of this country becoming ‘less British’ is irrational, the definition of British is changing, as it always has, and always will. Trying to reinstate outdated policies is equally irrational. And as for your lack of people you would enjoy saving, try being more friendly.
And Roy, I just had a quick look at your Facebook friends – wonderful.

Ian Hendrie = STYLE
July 24, 2009, 10:04 am
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Here is the evidence…..

Vine Street……
July 23, 2009, 10:18 am
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My good friend Dom West has been living in Sydney for I don’t know how long, but anyways he lives in a skater commune on Vine Street. with CJ Wellsmore, Ryan Arlond and few others. Actually, if the truth is to be told I don’t really know who he lives with or if he even started this blog. Either way its cool, and they’ve posted some sick edits that give a good insight into the Sydney scene. Nice one guys.


The endless summer…..
July 22, 2009, 12:36 pm
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So, could this be what started it all? Before rollerblading, even before skateboarding, this was the original sports/ culture film.