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Matt Day
May 14, 2009, 10:48 pm
Filed under: Art, Sculpture


Matt Day makes amazing little sculptures. He has a show at The Bun House in Peckham on Thursday 21 May.
Here is a little interview with him.

What makes you tick?
“I like all things glazed, glistening, gloopy, flobby, obese, saggy, old, thick and wrestling toys.
I like it when wrestlers put Oil on their skin. It adds a transparency which makes the skin appear to have depth and it makes the light glisten off their bodies.
I could compare the pleasure of seeing two oiled up, athletic wrestlers grappling on the floor, to pouring thick, hot treacle into a glass jar.”
Who are your biggest influences?
Particular characters drive me to make representations. James Marshall Hendrix- Electrifying, slick, cool, stylish most importantly an individual. The selfishness, focus, and passion of Hendrix influence every aspect of my life. His unique lifestyle choices are everywhere”
What is your fondest memory?
Childhood- Eat Sleep WWF 1980’s VHS’s, wrestling figures, back drops, drop kicks, body slams, suplex’s, character theme music, costumes, acrobatics (athleticism) and Gorilla Monsoon.
If you could ask me any question What would it be?
Is John Cleese always funny, and does Andre The Giant cry?


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